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Warsaw for you, by locals

Discover the second edition of Warszawex guide. Created by locals, loved by tourists.


Experience Warsaw like a local. Warszawex is an alternative guide that takes you places no other guide does.

How it all started? While visiting other cities, we always wanted to see them the way the local people do. That’s how Warszawex - the idea to show tourists what to do that in our city, Warsaw, was born.

Starting in 2015 with the first edition of Warszawex the guide was created as a common effort of young creatives: designers, journalists, illustrators and photographers. Full of places and events loved by locals it undoubtly was a great success.

Excited and driven, we decided to continue our work and created the second edition, already available directly online and in the best bookstores in Poland and abroad.

Media about us

Warszawex has had a welcome so nice, we couldn’t skip that part. Except from thousands of orders and a storm in social media, we’ve been covered by a couple important newspapers and radios. See below, what they said about us! logo

"Created by locals, loved by... tourists" logo

"Noone knows the city better than the locals"

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"A proposition to spend some time in the city like locals, instead of checking touristic attractions off the list"

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Polish Radio 4

"Warszawex shows the new face of Warsaw"


It's easy! Hassle-free payment and quick delivery. We accept cards and bank transfers. You can order a copy to be delivered by post to any address (e.g. your hotel), or use the self-service points to get it yourself once you’re here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us - we’ll do our best to help you!

Warszawex Night & Day

15.00 zł

The second edition of the Warszawex guide is focused on the topic of night and day. You’ll find the craziest partying spots and the nicest places to chill. 

Loaded with tips and insights from locals, it gives you an unmatched opportunity to experience the Warsaw city life from a totally different perspective.

All the information is served in a stunning design, illustrated with works of young Warsaw photographers - it’s great to read but it’s even awesome to look at!

visit a bookstore

You can buy Warszawex night&day in the best design shops and bookstores in Poland and abroad. Find the nearest shop on the list below and get your copy as quickly as you can! Some of those shops are even located along the routes of this edition. Maybe a “local bookstores route” is a good idea for the next Warszawex?

  • Bookshop in National Museum in Warsaw

    ul. Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa
  • CSW Zamek Ujazdowski

    Ul. Jazdów 2, 00-467 Warszawa
  • Bookshop in POLIN

    ul. Mordechaja Anielewicza 6, 00-157 Warszawa
  • Bookshop at MNW / KRÓLIKARNIA

    ul. Puławska 113A, 02-707 Warszawa
  • Zachęta's Art Bookshop

    pl. Małachowskiego 3, 00-916 Warszawa
  • Bookoff

    ul. Pańska 3, 00-124 Warszawa
  • Bookoff at Muzeum nad Wisłą

    ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22, 00-390 Warszawa
  • Wrzenie Świata

    Konstantego Ildefonsa Gałczyńskiego 7, 00-362 Warszawa
  • MiTo

    Ludwika Waryńskiego 28, 00-650 Warszawa
  • OkiDoki

    plac Dąbrowskiego 3, 00-057 Warszawa
  • Korporacja Ha! Art

    plac Szczepański 3A, 30-001 Kraków
  • Buchhandlung Walther König

    Burgstraße 27, 10178 Berlin

Get In Touch

We’d love to hear from you. Any feedback, questions or suggestions? Contact us by email at, send us a message on facebook or on instagram!

Contact Address

Warszawex is distrubuted by Fundacja Magazyn Kulturalny:

ul. Sienna 72 A/404
00-833 Warszawa
KRS 0000484368

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